High Grant on his recent same-sex sex scene

Hugh Grant looks back at the widely publicized trial of the British politician Jeremy Thorpe, who Grant plays in 'A Very English Scandal.'
“I haven’t watched it with my small children,” said Grant. “They prefer Paddington. I did have to watch it with my 89-year-old ex-military father. I go around on Sunday nights and he said to me, ‘Now, now, you’re in this buggers film. And I said, ‘Yes, that’s right.’ He said, ‘Well, let’s watch it.’ And I said, ‘No Dad, you’re not going to like this.’ And he said, ‘No no no, I’m a very supportive father I want to watch it, I’ve got a television set upstairs, if you show me how to work it, we’ll watch it together.’”

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