Powerful gay-right's message in OTEP's latest single

The amazing artist -- and kick-ass human being -- released this video a few months ago, but it is all kinds of awesome. She also recently released a statement in support of the gay men currently being hunted down in Chechnya.


“As I type this, as your eyes pass over my words, an anti-LGBT purge is occurring inside the country of Chechnya. Hundreds of people have been kidnapped and imprisoned in concentration camps where they are confined, tortured and murdered. Chechen authorities dismiss the allegations, not because violent atrocities are immoral or unlawful, but because they claim “gays do not exist in Chechnya”. Not only is that preposterous and delusional, it summons a line from Hamlet, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”.

I have no kind words or memes or delicate bits of wisdom for the Chechen government for I do not suffer fools. But I do have a message for those who are anguishing in the concentration camps: “You are not invisible. We bear witness. We see you. You are loved. You are not alone. We are fighting for you.”

I call on every member of the United States Congress and all decent souls around the globe to condemn these atrocities and demand the immediate release of all those illegally imprisoned in Chechnya. I’m grateful to Ambassador Haley for condemning these crimes on record. Indeed our elected officials should use every procedure, program and course of action in their power to force this attempted genocide to end at once and for these concentration camps to be blasted to rubble.

History has shown that evil will test the strength and will of the good. The ghosts of those we lost in the killing camps of Auschwitz and Dachau still weep at our apathy. We cannot afford another single moment of silence.”

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