Team Heartbreak's 'Boys just Wanna Have Fun' video

"Boys Just Wanna Have Fun" is the male perspective to Cyndi Lauper’s preeminent girl power track. It expertly mashes 80’s era guitar riffs with the huge dance drops of today.

"Cyndi Lauper’s song is timeless," explains Caleb, from TeamHeartBreak, "one of the best ever made, but what about us? Boys wanna have fun too!” He says he and Brian relate to Cyndi Lauper as an artist: her crazy hair, untamed attitude, and her strong support of the LGBTQ community.

"We wanted to make something even Cyndi would rock out to," he adds. Team HeartBreak’s "Boys Just Wanna Have Fun" is available now on iTunes along with the entire “Sassy Summer Sounds” album.

"What happened to fun, happy bands like The Cars, Pet Shop Boys, and Wham?" wonders Brian, the other half of Team HeartBreak. "It doesn’t matter when you were born, I think everyone can appreciate fun, care-free music."

"We all wanna get loud, dance, down some drinks, turn speakers up, and blow off steam, but at the same time we all want to connect with somebody and share an experience," continues Caleb. "We created ‘Boys Just Wanna Have Fun’ with the intention to capture the spirit of a super fun pool bash that everyone wanted to be at.  When we say ‘Come and have a drink with us’, we mean it! ‘Boys Just Wanna Have Fun’ is an all inclusive party and you’re invited."

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