Help publish two large-scale photo books by Michael Stokes

Michael Stokes is hoping for a little help in his latest photographic endeavor.

According to his Kickstarter page:
The goal is to fund the publishing of two large-scale, hardcover, coffee table books.  Last year we did a Kickstarter for my book, Bare Strength.  We reached the goal within 48 hours.  This year the goal is slightly more ambitious because we are publishing two books, but it is still well below the $72,707 we raised last year.  For those of you who purchased my books, Masculinity, Bare Strength or follow my work will already have an idea of what these books will consist of. Last year, in Bare Strength there was a chapter featuring wounded, amputee, Marines, but this year instead of one chapter, I decided to create a separate book for the men who served in the US military.
The goal was just over $48,000. He's already managed to bring in an impressive $241,840 (and still counting).

Here's a little more information:

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