'Dragstrip 66: The Frockumentary!' needs your help

DRAGSTRIP 66 was a monthly, themed, underground nightclub in Silver Lake, Los Angeles that ran for an unprecedented 20 years (1993-2013). But DRAGSTRIP 66 was so much more than just a LGBTQ nightclub. It was a phenomenon. It was community. And it was legendary.

Featuring provocative live performances, cutting edge dance music, subversive drag, cross-dress and masquerade – and an all-inclusive spirit – DRAGSTRIP 66 invited everyone who walked through its doors to fully participate in its misfit-inspired magic. Picture Divine and Leigh Bowery moshing to The Ramones at Burning Man!


This radical, creative explosion of fun, freedom, and self-expression forever impacted the social landscape of LA, all in the infant-internet, pre-social media age. Best friendships were forged there, longtime lovers and partners met there, and countless indelible memories were sealed there.

A team has been formed to help capture and document the amazing run of the club. See how you can help here.

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