Smallest country to legalize gay marriage may not have any gays

Last week the smallest country in the world (based on population) legalized gay marriage. But the country of Pitcairn Island - with a population of a mere 48 people -  may not have anyone to take advantage of the new law. One citizen said she could think of a single gay citizen and they weren't around anymore.

And what if there was a same-sex couple? The couple may have a problem finding themselves someone to officiate the wedding. The only preacher on the island is a Seventh-day Adventist Church, and therefore opposes gay marriage.

Rodney Croone, the national director of Australian Marriage Equality advocacy group, suggested the former citizens could possibly return to get married by a local government official.

He added: “And assuming there’s not a residency requirement, I could imagine some couples from off the island might find it a romantic destination, including Australians who can’t marry in their own country.”

Well, I guess it's the thought that counts ... right?

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