Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision

Get ready for some controversy! The new book, Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision is out and some people are mighty pissed!

It’s been called an "abomination," and "disgusting" and "an outrage." And Facebook even pulled its ads for being too "shocking" (though Facebook later allowed the ad to be published).

In the book, Jesus is re-imagined as a young gay man in a modern city.The illustrated book brings together a gifted gay artist (Doug Blanchard) and an established lesbian author (Kittredge Cherry) who specialize in LGBT Christian art.  They take the most important narrative in Western Christian culture and "rescue it from fundamentalists and also from over-familiarity."

Each image - 24 in total - is accompanied by an insightful essay on its meaning, artistic and historical context, Biblical basis and LGBT significance, plus a short meditation with a scripture and one-line prayer.  The Passion is placed in a larger context in an introduction by the artist and an afterword by Toby Johnson, comparative religion scholar and author of Gay Spirituality.

The book functions both as a meditation aid for believers and as an informative analysis for secular readers interested in religion, art, history, and LGBT studies. “The purpose of reflecting on the Passion is not necessarily to worship Christ, but to remember the ongoing cycle of human violence, and to seek a way to move from suffering to freedom,” Cherry says “To Christians, the Passion is the ultimate affirmation that God stands in solidarity with humankind.”

"These dramatic paintings break the deadly illusion that Jesus belongs exclusively to a particular time or group,” explained Cherry, a minister and art historian. “A queer Passion is crucial now even for non-believers because Christianity is being used to justify discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.  The book speaks not only to the LGBT community, but to everyone who is passionate about building a more just world.”

Find out more about the book, or buy it, here.
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